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Boogie Chillun is a multicultural ensemble that plays funk, rap, rock, jazz, blues,

classic soul, R&B, Afro-folk, reggae, gospel, spirituals and disco.

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Boogie Chillun still performs in public and private events, but the band does its most satisfying work in schools, presenting the American Roots Music  program to children all over Connecticut. In 2008, Boogie Chillun joined the artist roster of Arts for Learning Connecticut, formerly Young Audiences CT. The band was named Young Audiences Performing Artist of the Year in 2012. 


Boogie Chillun released three albums: Live Together in 1993, Funky Haven in 1999, and Funk Upon A Rhyme in 2012. The band also released two singles in 1999, Make It Happen and Be A Rock, which received significant local airplay on Connecticut's 94.3 WYBC and 99.1 WPLR.

Boogie Chillun is a multicultural ensemble that plays funk, rap, rock, jazz, blues, classic soul, r&b, afro-folk, reggae, gospel, spirituals and disco.

Since 1991, Boogie Chillun has performed at nightclubs, theatres, outdoor festivals, schools, parties, weddings, and other events throughout Connecticut and the Northeast. That's over twenty years of good music satisfaction!  Boogie Chillun has performed in over 3000 concerts, including opening for major artists such as The Spinners, WAR, Ziggy Marley, Vanilla Fudge, 98 Degrees, and The Sugarhill Gang.

Boogie Chillun was founded in 1991 by Vaughn Collins, a New Haven-based hip-hop artist, poet, teacher, singer and songwriter.


Born in Waterbury, CT at the crossroads of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, Vaughn grew up idolizing James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, Parliament Funkadelic, Motown and anything that grooved. He fell in love with hip-hop in 1978 before the arrival of the Sugar Hill Gang


Vaughn began singing in the church choir at age ten where he discovered his voice. At age 13, he began turning his poems into rap songs after being influenced by the hip-hop sounds emanating from New York City. Vaughn formed rap groups throughout high school using the monikers “Zudi Love” and “Snappa Zooty”.

While attending college at Penn State University in the mid-80s, Vaughn began DJing parties while winning numerous MC Battles. Vaughn was signed to Solar Records in 1990 as a rap artist after turning down deals offered by Teddy Riley’s GRP Records and Tomy Dofart’s production team in 1989. 


By 1991, Vaughn formed Boogie Chillun to play behind him for rap shows in lieu of a DJ or DAT machine. The live band concept flourished as Boogie Chillun added funky blues, rock and soul to the repertoire.

CEO and founder of Yahweh! Productions, Derek Graham joined the group in late 1992.

Born in Jersey City, raised in Linden, New Jersey, Derek grew up through the 60’s & 70’s in a time where music quickly evolved through a myriad of genres all delicately interwoven. Common to the styles was a rhythm that pushed the message of the times. Influenced by the beat, Derek began playing drums at age ten and was singing and playing professionally by the time he was fifteen.

In 1983, Derek became a member of the hip-hop group, Stocking Cap, formed by musician, singer, songwriter and producer Edward (Duke Bootee) Fletcher; best known for writing the major hit record The Message for Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.

As lead vocalist for the group, Derek released his first single, Wave Craze on Strut Records, NYC which received airtime on major New York stations 107.5 WBLS and 98.7 KISS FM.

Derek has shared the stage with many professional recording acts. Most notably, Kool and the Gang, who also hail from Jersey City. Derek’s vocals rooted in gospel, r&b, funk and jazz, have been compared to the late great David Ruffin of the Temptations.

The founding of Yahweh! Productions has thrust open many doors in the entertainment world.  Derek has functioned in the capacity as Music Director, Band Manager, Educator and Booking Agent of many outdoor festivals, coffee houses, school and corporate events in the tristate area.

Performing in the school system has fulfilled one of Derek’s life passion of inspiring young minds to pursue, create and explore all possibilities music has to offer. His love of music is contagious. He continues to seek out young talent to mentor and invest in.

currently playing with Boogie Chillun...

Wayne Brown (keys, vocals)

John Sandoval (electric guitar)

Luis Rivera (electric bass)

occasionally playing with Boogie Chillun...

George Baker (guitar), Steve Clarke (bass), and Jeff Gitelman (guitar, vocals)

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